Memorial Day weekend 2016

The wife and I decided at 12:30pm Saturday that we would make the journey up to Island Park, Idaho for the weekend.  It just so happened to be the first time I had ever stepped foot in Yellowstone and was able to see Old Faithful.  I was quite impressed with the park, all the springs, the trees, the wildlife, not to mention how many tourists were there from all over the world!  Lacey summed it up pretty well while we were in Mesa Falls this morning looking at the Upper Falls..she said “It just puts it into perspective just how small we actually are”.  It couldn’t have been worded any better at the time.  There is SO much world to discover, for miles and miles in every direction.  All it takes is a little adventure and dedication, and you can expose yourself to things you cannot believe!  It’s strange how as a child, well, maybe this only applied to me, but the whole sightseeing thing was such a bore to me.  If there wasn’t a ride, or something that gave me a prize, or food, I was not interested.  Although, as I have gotten older, my interests have changed, perhaps modified, and some things I used to find bland, I have acquired an interest in experiencing.


The previous two mornings, we would take a morning run up by the campgrounds we were staying at (a 4mi and 3mi run, we are still technically supposed to be taking it easy from running the Ogden Marathon on the 21st of May).  But, with all the nature and trees, how could you pass up a few miles like those?  When we would get back into camp, we would take our coffee down to the dock and let our Catahoula “Boscoe” run around and splash in the water.  He absolutely loved it, which we enjoyed watching because he is very, very reserved at home and quite lazy.  Lacey said it was good to see his confidence up.  We both had a good laugh about it, as he was bounding on and off the dock into the river.  Bentley, our yorkie/bichon, seemed pretty jealous on his antics, but due to Bentley being our little “tri-pawd” dog from a pretty sad pit bull attack over 2 years ago, he just isn’t able to get around like he used to, and swimming without a life jacket is just out of the question.

P.S. Pinus Cortata, a.k.a lodgepole pine, is the tree used to construct some homes/cabins/lodges.  If you didn’t know this, please retain this information for future reference, so you aren’t laughed at when it suddenly clicks and makes sense while you are hanging out with your spouse and her family.


Well, I hope it is not the last time Yellowstone and I see one another.  I am looking forward to exploring other parts of the area to see and experience more of what mother nature has kindly and beautifully crafted for our enjoyment and pleasure.



I'm 30 years young, father of two dogs that run the house. I enjoy all the little things in life, like running, snowboarding, reading, yard work, camping, hiking, & binge watching The Office on Netflix.

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