Ken Garff Riverdale experience.

Oil change was due on the Titan today, rolled over 22,000 miles on the trip up to Idaho this past weekend.  We bought the Titan with a little over 11,000 miles on it back in March of 2015.  We have only really taken it on a couple road trips, both of them to Idaho (other was to Hayspur, ID for Lacey’s family reunion last year).  Lacey and I were pretty back and forth when we bought the Titan last year, trying to decide on what truck to buy, what we’d be using the truck for, how long we planned on owning the truck, etc.  Since we had full intentions of keeping the truck for the long haul, we decided to get a full size with the V8 and large bed.  It came with a 5th wheel already hooked up, along with a 7 point trailer hookup, so it was ready to handle whatever we threw at it.  So far, the truck has been pretty solid.  The only issue it’s had was a leaky rear strut (fixed under warranty) and when we first got it, the emergency brake would stick at times when it was engaged and sometimes wouldn’t release without constant jiggling and pressing.

I’m sitting here in the lobby of the Ken Garff Riverdale lobby typing this out while this other customer is waiting for his vehicle as well, but has basically stood behind me while I have been writing this practically the whole time, so I’m beginning to think I should maybe start writing to him to see if he actually is reading this to see if he gets the idea I’m beginning to get creeped out and irritated.  He has filled up his popcorn bag from the complimentary popcorn machine like 3 times, and is the loudest popcorn eater I have ever heard.  I swear he is breathing his popcorny-ish breath on me intentionally, I feel like he is blatantly doing this now.  Oh, his name has been called, he’s now gone.




I'm 30 years young, father of two dogs that run the house. I enjoy all the little things in life, like running, snowboarding, reading, yard work, camping, hiking, & binge watching The Office on Netflix.

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