Saturday 6.4.16 half marathon sun run

Wow the heat was turned up this morning!

Got out the front door at about 0720 and thought I’d beat that heat.  For about the first 4 miles, I was right.  The other 9, I was horribly, terribly wrong.  Zero cloud cover.  I ran west as far as I could until I needed to turn around to head back east, which probably wasn’t the best idea.  I could literally feel all 864,576 miles of the diameter of the sun on my way back home.  My legs were a little wobbly from the pace run last night, but it was kind of nice to just run the 13.1 miles under pace while not trying to kill it.  I did see one of my old Scout leaders named Guy Perry this morning.  Guy Perry owns Salt Lake City Running Company, big time runner.  He teaches cross country at Bonneville High school, those kids better be honored to have a guy like that showing them the ropes, with a running resume like his, that’s basically free training from a running freak!  As I ran passed his house, he was loading up his kids (@ 0730 in the morning…on a Saturday?!), everyone was in work out clothes, so I’m wondering if the fam was doing a early Saturday run together?  Pretty cool stuff right there.  When he saw me he yelled out, “go get it tough guy!”.  Gave me a little bump of motivation to get me up and going.  Funny how little things such as that completely change the tone of a run for you.

Happy running everyone!


I'm 30 years young, father of two dogs that run the house. I enjoy all the little things in life, like running, snowboarding, reading, yard work, camping, hiking, & binge watching The Office on Netflix.

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