Hawaii 2017

A little overdue, but since I have some downtime, figured I’d compile a little something on our previous vacation to Maui, HI from March 4-13th.

The below is a picture of our little man Bentley, being very much aware that the suitcase means his people are leaving and he’ll do whatever he can to not be left behind.  Sadly he wasn’t able to tag along this time.


The morning of the 4th, my family was on the shuttle to the airport terminal and Lacey and I were talking about us coming home on the 11th, when my dad chimed in and said we would be home the 13th.  We laughed for a second, then realized he was serious.  For some reason, Lacey and I both were under the impression we would be home 2 days prior.  So, right out of the gate, we were under-packed and were getting in touch with work to let them know the vacation was extended against our will.

On the 6th we did the Road to Hana, well, to the black sand beach, then back to the home.  My father is normally one of the safest, slowest, perfect 10 and 2 form, road-focused drivers to ever possess a license.  I don’t know what it was this day, but he was treating the rented Nissan Quest van like a Michael Schumacher F1 Grand Prix racecar.  I think at first, we all wanted to get as far down the road to see as much as possible, but I think as the drive progressed, any opportunity to pull over and see a sight, we piped up.  Partly due to a lot of awesome things to see, but mainly to realign our bearings and keep our stomach contents within our stomach.


The black sand beach was quite the sight to see.  We got down to the beach, got into the water, and noticed a few people pointing into the water close by the shore.  A turtle!  We jumped in and floated around by it for a while before it headed back out to sea.  Last time we were in Hawaii, we found a small group of turtles while snorkeling, and Lacey may or may not have come in contact with one of them.  By may or may not, she very much did.  We joke about it now, but she actually got sick a short time after, and since has been dubbed, the turtle curse.  Below is a photo of the black sand beach.


The night of the 6th, we were walking back from dinner, when my dad all of a sudden walked right into the ground wire on the power pole.  At first, I thought he was acting like he meant to, but turns out, he wasn’t paying attention and hit his mouth right on it.  Got a little swollen the next day, but seeing he was ok, we all had a little laugh about it.  Every morning, my dad would leave his laptop up on the counter, so while he was away on a jog, I pulled up paint and made him a little photo.  See below.


On the 8th, Lacey had booked us a whale watching tour.  And before I get into this, I wasn’t expecting anything that actually happened on the tour was going to happen.  It was shocking to say the least.  The tour was with a company named Makai Adventures, and to anyone in the Maui area during humpback whale mating season, book with these guys.  Great crew, great atmosphere, incredible experience!


Heading out, we would periodically stop and watch a few spouts from a distance, see the occasional tail peak out of the water from time to time.  The crew would stay in close contact with other excursions in the area to see where all the action was, and to help move some of the whales back when the other excursions needed to head back into shore.  Fast forward.  We get to an area, and see a mom and baby humpback really, really close to another boat.  We slowed our boat down and watched for about 10 minutes, when the boat radioed over and asked us to creep up and push the whales up so they could head in for the day.  As we made our way into position, the whales made their way on out, but slowly headed back our direction.  They kept their distance for some time, but soon, it was as if we were best friends.  Basically, anyone on our boat could reach into the water and touch the whale.  It was pretty insane!  It got right under our boat and floated there for a few minutes.  The guides said they occasionally rub up against some things to remove some of the barnacles they have acquired in their adventures.


On the 9th, my grandfather treated us to a snorkel excursion out on Molokini crater.  My father has always wanted to snorkel out there, but has never had the opportunity to, mainly probably because my mother is pretty anti-ocean.  If there isn’t a lifeguard in the water, and the water isn’t surrounded by tile and concrete, chances are, my mother won’t step foot into it.  The fish out at Molokini crater were very people fishy.  They stayed at least an arms length away at all times, but they had no problem checking you out and letting you swim along side of them.  The current was pretty strong while we were there, so we were playing swim away from the wall/shore most the time.  But, it was still pretty incredible to see, because the water was incredibly clear and everything could be seen below.

The 10th, we drove up to Haleakala National Park, that has an elevation of over 10,000ft!  It’s quite strange going from sea level, up, then back down, in hardly anytime at all.  The view was gorgeous, but we all could not believe how cold it was up there!  You know you’re in Hawaii, but it does not feel like Hawaii at all.  The views reminded me of the surface on Mars.  To think at one point, it was a active volcano is mind bending.


Hawaii is an incredible place.  The views will make you wish you could stay forever.  We have had the opportunity to stay on Oahu and Maui, and both islands have their own unique feel that sets them apart from each other.  Oahu is a party, lots of tourist hot spots, very fast moving.  Maui has that, low key, slow, take your time and vacation sort of feel.  You wouldn’t have to twist my arm to ever go back.

Aloha Hawaii, until we see each other again!


I'm 30 years young, father of two dogs that run the house. I enjoy all the little things in life, like running, snowboarding, reading, yard work, camping, hiking, & binge watching The Office on Netflix.

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