A week of long runs, that I’ve thoroughly missed

Being back into a pair of running shoes was something I missed for those couple of months battling through that confusing injury.  I’ll take waking up sore, and missing toenails, over watching people log miles in my daily commute, any day of the week.

I was flipping through some activities on RunKeeper this morning, looking at some of the training runs I have been able to check off for this weekends upcoming Utah Valley Marathon, and the following weekend’s 50 miler down in Bryce Canyon.  Having been off the training for so long, not quite sure how the 50 miler down in Bryce is going to go.  But, it’ll be a step at a time and worst case scenario, it goes MUCH slower than I hoped for, but the views will be an experience in itself.  I’ve personally never been to Bryce Canyon before, so this will be exciting regardless.

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Island Park, Idaho 2.0

Well, we made our way back up to spend a few more nights in Island Park, Idaho to celebrate Lacey’s birthday and Fathers Day.  We drove up Thursday after I got off work, took us about 4.5 hours to get up there.  Dogs started whining pretty early on, so we ended up stopping for 15-20 minutes at some creepy gas station/motel off of a horror movie.  We got up to the Buffalo campground in Island Park, set up home base, and went over to Pond’s Lodge to get some food real quick before heading off to bed.  Before heading to eat at Pond’s, we stopped to pick up fire wood with Lacey’s parents, and came across a couple baby skunks in a garbage sack.  Lacey ended up opening the bag to release/save the baby skunks from suffering inside the bag.  Later that night, we ended up seeing about 3 more baby skunks on the road not far from where we saw the garbage sack with the skunks inside.  Little ones must have lost their mother.  Upon arriving back at camp, the temperature had dropped quite a bit since we’d left, so off to the trailer to get the heater going.  Wouldn’t you know it, the heater was acting up, the fan would run, but the heater just wouldn’t flip over.  So, I shut it all down, unplugged the propane and the battery, hooked it all back up, and prayed to God it would fire up.  God must have stayed up a little later that night to make sure we got to bed with a warm heater going, because that thing fired right back up after the reboot.  Friday morning we got up and ran 3.11 miles down the road from our campground to where Lacey spent a summer back in 2008 when she worked for the Forest Service.  Later on that day, we spent the afternoon kayaking down North Fork of the Snake River, named Henry’s Fork I believe is the name.  Some of the float was against a head wind, which gave us quite a work out (that we’d end up napping off later that day).  I ended up falling asleep before 20:30 that night, completely exhausted from the kayaking extravaganza we’d experienced earlier on.

Saturday morning, Lacey and I got our 10 miler in somewhat early, but not early enough.  That sun was something fierce that morning!  We went passed Island Park Dam, I grabbed a photo, then we flipped back around and continued down the road back towards Mack’s Inn (same place we ended our kayak journey the day before, just not quite as far down).


After the run we got ready and headed back into West Yellowstone and did some shopping for the day.  Later that night, we had cake and ice cream for Lacey’s birthday, and had our birdhouse judging in the Gordon family trailer.  Katie and I tied on votes, which was really cool, it’s been fun to see everyone’s creativity and the ideas they have on their projects they do.  Threw on some shingles, a solar powered front porch light, custom American flag pole, and rock siding.